Founded in 2015

Founded in 2015, Keeptheban is a non-profit organisation campaigning to end the hunting of wildlife in the name of sport.

  •  A large proportion of the British public still do not realise that the illegal hunting of foxes, hares and deer takes place.

  • We want to prevent future generations from taking up hunting and to create a countryside free from cruelty.

  • Through our campaigning, we seek to push wildlife persecution onto the mainstream agenda.


Our vision is a world in which all wildlife is free from persecution.

Our philosophy is that change can only come through education and campaigning.

  • Over the past 5 years we have built an online community of over half a million people and have had a considerable impact on the anti-hunting movement.

  • However we want to do more. Week in week out the hunts continue to flout the Hunting Act and kill wildlife.

  • The ban must be strengthened and properly enforced as well as landowners preventing access to their land.


Keep The Ban: The Campaign so far

2015 – Keep The Ban founded

In 2015 I had an awareness of hunting but really wasn’t informed about the extent to which it still happened. It wasn’t until I came across a petition and subsequently joined a Facebook group that I learned just how widespread the issue was and how the Conservative Government had plans to legalise it.  I felt an obligation to do whatever I could to keep the ban in place and to expose the realities of wildlife perseuction to the general public.

A few weeks later and the Keeptheban Facebook page was set up. I grew the campaign to over 10,000+ followers in a matter of weeks and began to create and share content revealing David Cameron’s plans to repeal the Hunting Act.

By the end of 2015 public pressure combined with the growing number of anti hunting MPs meant plans for repeal had to be dropped. 

However this wasn’t enough. My feed was awash with graphic videos of foxes being hunted to exhaustion and ripped to pieces by hounds. The Keeptheban campaign had to broaden its approach.

2016 – The Campaign Grows

In 2016 we focused on building our online presence. We surpassed 100,000 followers and were reaching an average of 500,000 people every week with our posts. In September we helped promote and leaflet at the Stop Hunting Fox Cubs demonstration. It was incredibly inspiring to meet our supporters face to face and encouraged us to co-host the upcoming 2017 General Election protest.

2017 – Make Hunting History March

In 2017 our online following surpassed 250,000 followers and we co-hosted and promoted the Make Hunting History March.

The march turned out to be the largest protest of the entire 2017 General Election period. It was incredible to see the thousands of compassionate people that turned out to voice their support for the ban on hunting.

Keeptheban’s founder spoke to the crowds outside Downing Street – calling on Theresa May to drop plans to hold a free vote on repeal of the Hunting Act.

The protest demonstrated how important of an issue hunting is to the general public and has driven our ambition to host an annual ‘March for Wildlife’

Press coverage of the march was widespread, with articles written by;
The Mirror, ITV, The Independent, Guardian and Evening Standard

National Trust Campaign

Alongside the march and ongoing pressure to maintain the Hunting Act we also focused on the National Trust and their continued allowance of trail hunting licenses.
We set up a petition calling for the National Trust to revoke ‘trail hunt’ licenses following numerous reports of wildlife being killed. (You can read more about trail hunting here)
The petition quickly gained momentum and surpassed 100,000 signatures in a matter of months. We then handed in the petition to the National Trust at their HQ in Swindon.
Following this, we teamed up with the campaigners at Stop Hunting on the Nation’s Land (formerly National Dis-Trust) and supported Helen Beynon’s members resolution to ban trail hunting.

We launched an online campaign targeted at National Trust supporters asking them to vote in favour of the resolution.
Whilst the resolution was ultimately unsuccessful by a mere 300 votes out of around 60,000 (public vote in favour but lost due to discretionary votes) – it did result in major changes to how licenses are given out.

The National Trust also created a dedicated team to deal with the issue of trail hunting and it has led to a significant reduction in the number of hunts using Trust land.
However, there are two major issues that still remain. Trail hunting is nothing but a guise for illegal hunting and hunts with or without a license continue to use Trust land.
The campaign to ban trail hunting on Trust Land is ongoing and you can find out how you can support it by clicking here.

You can also sign the petition here – which now stands at over 340,000 signatures.

%name Keep the Ban

General Election Campaign

In 2017 we also ran our General Election campaign – distributing sponsored posts targeting different constituencies. This involved supporting anti-hunt MPs who were at risk of being unseated or anti-hunt MPs who could unseat a pro-hunt MP.

The campaign was successful in helping to return 12/16 anti-hunt candidates from all parties.

2018 The Fox Man Fundraiser

In July 2017 I cycled from London to Brighton to raise much needed funds for The Fox Man. Thanks to the generosity of our followers we managed to raised over £1000 which was used towards a new fox unit.

In 2018 our online presence grew to over 300,000 and we focused our campaign on strengthening the 2004 Hunting Act.

We set up a petition which has now surpassed 200,000 signatures (which you can sign here) asking that amendments be made to the current legislation.

You can find out more about our campaign to Strengthen the Ban and how you can help by clicking this link

This year I also undertook another fundraiser for The Fox Man, this time cycling 84 miles for the 84% against fox hunting from London to Southampton.

The response was incredible and within a month our community had raised an incredible £10,000 for the north-west animal rescue.

The campaign to ban trail hunting on Trust Land is ongoing and you can find out how you can support it by clicking here. 
You can also sign the petition here – which now stands at over 340,000 signatures.

Strengthen the Ban

Despite the 2004 Hunting Act making it illegal to hunt wild mammals with hounds, the ban is continually flouted and ignored.

We receive reports every week of suspected illegal hunting and one only has to visit the Hunt Saboteurs website to understand the full scale of wildlife persecution.

That’s why we’re campaigning for the Hunting Act to be strengthened and our proposed amendments to be added to the existing legislation. This will ensure it is easier to obtain successful prosecutions and to deter hunts from breaking the law.

How can you help? 

Alongside sharing our campaigns you can also SIGN our ongoing petition which will be handed into Downing Street alongside our proposed amendments.

Suspect illegal hunting near you?

Report it and we will log it in our national and regional reports as well as notifying local sab groups.

2019 / 2020

By the end of 2019 the Keep the Ban campaign had surpassed half a million followers and our posts were reaching millions of people on a weekly basis. 

In 2020 Keep the Ban was set up as a non-profit organisation with an aim to taking the campaign against wildlife crime to the next phase. In recent weeks we have created a partnership with the Hunt Investigation Team (HIT) to fund their important undercover work as well as formalising other plans. As of right now Keep the Ban continues to exclusively reveal the councils that have been providing funding to local hunts as well as being in the early stages of our campaign to end ‘trail hunt’ licences on Forestry England land.

The Future

Going forwards we will be working on the following;

-Creating a feature-length anti-hunting documentary to be screened across the country 
-Campaign to end trail hunting on National Trust land in 2021
-Hosting the March for Wildlife – 1st annual march for wildlife – demanding proper enforcement of the ban on hunting
-Lobbying MPs to publicly back our campaigns 
-Producing regular and consistent content across the Keeptheban social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) 
-Running the Keeptheban website – regular blog posts and monthly newsletter updating supporters on our work 
-Publicising and growing the petition to Strengthen the 2004 Hunting Act  
-Developing free + accessible resources which can be downloaded by members of the public to put pressure on illegal hunts
-Continuing to respond within 24 hours to supporters – offering support and guidance when it comes to wildlife crime and direction to relevant charities/organisations