There are reports of Hackney Council potentially planning on undertaking a mass culling of urban foxes in the area.

Keep The Ban actively stands against this unnecessary and cruel act, which was previously attempted by the very same council in 2015 but met with outcry from animal activists and subsequently suspended.

The Hackney Citizen states that a local resident has urged the mayor to go ahead with the cull, claiming foxes are ‘a potential vector for the transmission of Covid’. The use of the word ‘potential’ reflects the lack of evidence towards this claim, which further strengthens the case against the potential decision. Along with the Government’s general advice on animals being highly unlikely to spread COVID-19, the ‘National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Division of Viral Diseases’ suggests “at this time, there is no evidence that animals play a significant role in spreading SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 to people”.

Not only is this potential decision to kill these creatures cruel, but to do so based on speculation is profoundly inhumane, regardless of any intention of making the murders ‘humane’ -a real oxymoron. These are wild animals that should be left to roam freely, similarly to other urban wildlife.

Hackney Council has a history of difficulty with the fox population and whilst we acknowledge that not everyone can favour these furry friends, it should be noted that the decision to kill a large amount of wildlife founded upon ‘potentials’ and ‘what ifs’ is unacceptable and Keep The Ban will continue to campaign against such a decision.

Head to our letter and email template to support the campaign against this decision and help save innocent wildlife. (CLICK HERE)

%name Keep the Ban

Dear Hackney Council,
We are writing to you regarding recent reports that you may be planning on undertaking a mass cull of urban foxes in the area.
As a campaign who work night and day to protect the fox species, we are incredibly concerned about this news and urge you to suspend any sort of planning that would involve the unnecessary killing of wildlife.
We believe a local resident has urged the Mayor to go ahead with the cull, based on their view that foxes are a ‘potential vector for the transmission of covid’ despite there being no evidence to support this and despite official government and medical organisations advising that the potential of animals carrying COVID-19 and passing it on to humans is very unlikely.
Furthermore, we are aware of your previous attempt at culling urban foxes in 2015 and that this decision was overturned due to animal rights activists, we therefore know that this new potential decision goes beyond the speculation around COVID-19 and seemingly relates to the generally high fox population in Hackney.
These creatures are innocent wild animals simply trying to survive in their various habitats, annoying as it may be when they choose our dustbins as dinner, but we must learn to live alongside each other as we have done for decades, and not go around murdering wildlife.
We hope that you will reconsider this decision.
Keep The Ban’