National Trust Campaign

In 2017 Keep The Ban focused on the National Trust and their continued allowance of trail hunt licences. We set up a petition  calling for the National Trust to revoke ‘trail hunt’ licences following numerous reports of wildlife being killed. The petition quickly gained momentum and surpassed 100,000 signatures in a matter of months before we handed it in to the National Trust at their HQ in Swindon. 

Following the petition hand-in, we teamed up with the campaign group Stop Hunting on the Nation’s Land and supported Helen Beynon’s members resolution to ban trail hunting. We launched an online campaign targeting National Trust supporters and asking them to vote in favour of the resolution. Whilst the resolution was ultimately unsuccessful by a mere 300 votes out of 60,000 (public vote in favour but lost due to discretionary votes) – it did result in major changes to how licences are given out. 

The National Trust also created a dedicated team to deal with the issue of trail hunting and it has led to a significant reduction in the number of hunts using Trust land.

However, there are two major issues that still remain. Trail hunting is nothing but a guise for illegal hunting and hunts with or without a license continue to use Trust land.

The campaign to ban trail hunting on Trust Land is ongoing. A resolution has been submitted which will be voted on at the 2021 National Trust AGM and Keep The Ban will be campaigning in support of this resolution in the coming months. 

In the meantime you can sign our petition here – which now stands at over 370,000 signatures.