Keep The Ban is fully committed to investigating reports of suspicious activity involving wildlife and we have a team of undercover investigators ready to look into any suspected wildlife crime.

If you have witnessed something suspicious or suspect that there is illegal activity happening in a specific location please contact us at –

We are mainly looking for any cases relating to fox hunting, snaring, or trapping – and for any reports of artificial earths or barns where foxes are being bred to be hunted.


You don’t have to provide a name if you don’t feel comfortable doing so but we will need the following information;


A detailed description of what you have witnessed

A description of the exact location where the incident has/is taking place 

Any information that you think might be useful for investigators to know about 

If you have any pictures or videos of the incident please also attach these

We will handle all information sent to us with complete confidentiality and anonymity. Together we can and we will end cruelty inflicted on wildlife.


If you see something that you think is a crime you should also call the police on 101. If you don’t report it, the police won’t know it happened; and remember always ask for a reference number for adding to your report to us.